Our Mega-Sena is your EuroMillions

quarta-feira, julho 06, 2011 Clovisnáilton

Hello, people from Europe, North America and Asia! I'm watching a great visitation of you who live in other countries, distant continents, and arrive here on the blog of the Mega-Sena on account of ClustrMaps. If you use the Google translator, I believe you will understand some of the posts on this site.

Just wanted to point out that this blog was a way to express the feeling of Clovisnáilton, any Brazilian who dreams one day earn a few million in the lottery, and finally change his life. I believe this is a common feeling among the thousands of lottery players around the world: money counting on your luck! The personage was created to brighten it could mean the days of those who bet on, checked his ticket and, unfortunately, was not lucky in the big time. The blog shows, with great good humor and information about lotteries in Brazil (and some news about their lotteries as well), the everyday can be your: bills to pay, a lot of work on your job, that lack of money the last feature day of the month, the amorous misunderstandings due to lack of financial condition, the dream of one day to walk into a car dealership and buy zero miles an Audi or Mercedes, without worrying about the bank account and a dozen other dreams that are dammed in our mind.

You bet too?

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